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Restructuring & Demergers

Restructuring businesses prior to sale can greatly enhance disposal opportunities and sale value for the seller.  Necessary demergers or carve outs can create dis-synergies that result in significant value loss - however these demergers are often needed to facilitate a sale, a MBO or reorganise the remaining entities.

From a buyer’s perspective, MaiAx can advise on how to mitigate the risks inherent in acquiring such a company.  MaiAx has experience in managing complex demergers.  MaiAx can develop structures that minimise the significant dis-synergies for one or more demerged entities through deal structuring and pro-active management.

Examples of these services include:
  • Mitigation of risks inherent in acquiring such demerged entities, including due diligence support
  • Structuring and implementing de-mergers and business carve-outs
  • Managing divestments and debranding effect to minimise dis-synergies
  • Deal structuring to minimise associated risks
  • Development of appropriate contractual terms