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Non-executive Directorship Services

Companies benefit from having experienced and independent non-executive directors on their boards. Their fresh perspective in terms of strategic thinking, independent challenge and experience across several industries complements the day-to-day business focus of executive directors.

For international Dutch companies and global companies incorporated in The Netherlands, it is recommendable to have board members with decision making powers who reside in The Netherlands.  MaiAx can help such companies address the Dutch corporate governance substance requirements.

MaiAx is able to provide Dutch non-executive directors with proven experience, motivation, expertise and personal qualities to enable them to directly add value and execute their roles effectively.  Specific qualities of these non-executive directors include:

  • Proven leadership and management capabilities
  • Successful and varied careers with leading international companies
  • Significant industry, functional and risk management experience
  • Extensive M&A, strategic planning and growth expertise
  • Combined local knowledge and international careers, thus ideally positioned as non-executive directors within leading global and Dutch international companies

For further information on resourcing your non-executive needs, please contact MaiAx Advisors directly.



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