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Coque kenzo iphone 11 s 823iphone111584 IP Waterproof Ratings Meaning and Comparison of IP68 vs IP67

Posted on: september 15th, 2020 by Julia

IP Waterproof Ratings Meaning and Comparison of IP68 vs IP67 coque iphone 7 astronaute vs IPX7

Consumer electronics like smartphones and wearables are getting deeply rooted in our every day and full day routines. If you are accident prone like me and even if you aren we spend a lot on our much loved and ultimately personal devices, for that you definitely expect the device to withstand the test of time and keep on giving its best daily. Well, who doesn want a more durable smartphone or wearable and don lose faith, people because your favorite technology companies are listening.

There has been a lot of buzz in recent years about major flagships being IP67/IP68 certified or something like that. Have you ever found yourself looking king coque iphone 7 at a new smartphone or wearable, coque iphone 7 360 degres rose wondering just what that IP68 rating means How does that coque liege iphone 7 affect you as a potential coque pour samsung galaxy j7 cheval customer or user Does it differ from an IP67 rating If so, how

The iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2 are IP67 certified, which is similar to the coque samsung j6 jungkook original Apple Watch. The Samsung Galaxy S8 meanwhile, is IP68 certified. What do these things mean, and which is best Of course, It has something to do with water and dust resistance, If that so will the iPhone 7 and 8 owners will be going swimming and take some cool marine photos maybe Or maybe a glass of water lakers wallpaper 47uo5 coque samsung j6 plus siliconne marbre on your smartphone would plunge you into coque iphone 7 mc donald the journey towards smartphone service stores, well not so fast pal. Let find out what that IP rating means and how it compares to others out there.

What is IP Rating in smartphones

IP coque samsung j3 smartphone stands for Protection and is an International standard developed to specify the levels or degree of protection that the device possesses from water and dust. In simple terms, or capacity of your device is defined by an IP rating, signifying the degree to which your smartphone is capable of handling dust and water poured on it or if it is immersed into some.

IP rating is of the from IPXX, where the last two coque iphone 8 plus swarovski 7032antenpascher4681 digits vary with the degree of protection available. For example, IP67.

Let go into some more details, shall we

In our example, the first digit after IP specifies the resistance or capacity to deal with dust and the second digit states the level of resistance to water. As of now, there are maximum 6 levels of protection from dust and 8 levels of protection from water as stated below.

IP Chart for Dust Resistance Levels

In terms of dust resistance, both IP68 and IP67 fall under the category of IP6X and are fully protected from dust, like a completely sealed box.

But there is a difference in terms of water resistance, IP67, is protected against damages/effects of immersion of the phone up to a coque de samsung j7 2016 silicone depth of maximum 1 meter for 30 minutes, while IP68 rating is protected against the effects of continued immersion of device in water for depth greater than a meter. For IP68, the exact conditions are specified by the manufacturer of the smartphone,

So, What is the best IP Rating

The maximum and the best IP rating you can get on your device is IP68. Any device you come across with coque iphone 8 jurassic park 7032antenpascher5734 an IP68 rating, stay assured! The device is completely resistant to dust and is protected against coque iphone 7 floral water to depths of up to 1 meter. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Motorola Moto X4 are some of the IP68 rated devices in the market.

And, isn there something like IPX7

Well, you know it all about IP ratings now, don you have a hunch about this. Yeah, you got it right. IPX7 means that the device is protected against immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter coque silicone samsung j3 2017 panda for 30 minutes and no protection against dust particles. One of the very popular IPX7 devices is coque iphone 7 plus ringke the original Apple Watch, well isn that a beauty yet every beauty has its flaws.

For the Apple Watch, which is IPX7 certified, Cupertino boys say:

Watch is splash and water resistant but not waterproof. You can, for example, wear and use Apple Watch during exercise, in the rain, and while washing your hands, but submerging Apple Watch is not recommended. all changed with the Apple Watch 2, which has a resistance rating of 50 metres underwater. That great, Apple.

So, What does IP certification mean in real life scenarios

All it means is that your iPhone coque beeasy iphone 7 7/8 can be submerged in depths of under 1m for 30 minutes and won sustain any damages. If it doesn go take a bite at the Apple Service.

And it also means that you coque iphone 11 pro max depraved home can essentially take a bath while using your Samsung Galaxy S7/S8 and it will work just as fine or If magpul coque iphone 7 703antenpascher3614 your kid wants to take revenge on you by putting your IP67/68 rated device in the toilet, don worry, just smile and get it coque samsung j3 2016 emoji licorne out of there and make peace with the coque iphone 7 unicorn kid or If you jump in the pool with your device still in your pocket there is a much greater chance it survive. This applies to every smartphone or device claiming to be IP67/68 certified…

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